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Services and Policies

All our services begin with a head and shoulder greeting massage using a special blend of essential oils that stimulate the senses. Once you’re thoroughly relaxed our expert professionals take over, offering the latest services.


Hair Cutting                                       

                                                             Premier       Director

Female Cut & Blow Dry^                          $105                $117                  
Male Cut & Blow Dry                                $68                  $ 75                    
Female Cut & Blow Dry Restyle*     from $120

*Dependant on hair and time it takes.

^ First visit for Director Stylist ($127)


Children and Students

Children's Cuts (10yrs and under)          $47
Female Student                                      $75
Male Student                                          $58


Hair Styling

Experince the transformation and extraordinary manageability, softness and shine that only our products can bring.

Hair Styling/Blow Dry                            $58
Blow Dry with Chemical Service             $45
Extra Long/Thick Hair Blow Dry             $85
Long Hair Dressing/Hair Ups                 $120
GHD Curls additional to Blow Dry          $35

Permanent Waving

A plant based system leaves hair in optimum condition.    From $120


Permanent Colour

                                                                         Technician          Senior 

Regrowth                                                           $82                         $ 90
Short Hair                                                          $92                         $102
Medium Hair                                                      $97                         $107
Long Hair                                                           $125                       $135
Extra Long/Extra Thick                                      on consultation                    
Colour Correction                                              on consultation


Demi Permanent Hair Colour

Rich colour, incredible shine with low amonia providing protection and intensive care.

                                                                         Technician          Senior 

Short Hair                                                         $ 82                        $  90
Medium Hair                                                     $ 97                        $107
Long Hair                                                         $125                       $135
Extra Long/Extra Thick                                     on consultation                      



Aloe Vera, natural camomile extract and bisabolol soothes, calms and protects the scalp and hair, and gives a more natural, beautiful blonde with brilliant lasting results.

                                                           Technician                        Senior 

Parting Foils                                                     $112                        $132
1/2 Head Application                                       $124                        $145
3/4 Head Application                                       $157                        $177
Full Head Application                                       $182                        $202
Per Foil                                                             $ 10                        $ 10
Scalp Beach  Regrowth only                               $ 92                        $112

Entire Head - price on consulation



We have various treatments for your hair starting from $10, please enquire with your stylist.


Although every effort is made, La Bimbi accepts no responsibility for damage incurred to garments during services within the salon. 

La Bimbi accepts VISA, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Diners and EFTPOS. Cheques are not accepted.

We reserve the right to cancel non confirmed appointments. 

POA services will require a deposit to secure your appointment.

Gift Vouchers available in store.