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Night Fever Hair Collection Spring-Summer


Anna haircut is a disconnected, flexible style that can be worn messy or sleek. The colour was created using a gouaching technique to blend the warm brown on the sides and roots to the vibrant ends. Baby lights of bright copper and amber were mixed through the top to give the hair multi-dimensional, layered colour. Additional shine is given without fixing the hair style with Glossing Spray.


A grunge chic (derelict) look, Lotteā€™s hairstyle is perfect for those wanting easy carefree rock chick hair. Taking large sections through the mid-lengths and ends the hair was sprayed with Curl, Protect and Style and tonged to create loose curls. Once cooled the sections were then brushed out and finished with Powder Spray for a light textured look.


Curly locks created using Thickening Cream as a base for blowdrying, then section by section the hair was sprayed with Curl Protect and Style before using the hot tongs to curl. Once cool, the curls were softly broken up with hands and finished with Curl Defining Cream for light hold and definition.


A striking haircut, this style takes a twist on the classic short crop with a layered top paired with a blunt fringe. This versatile cut can be worn with maximum texture and strong definition between the layers with Constructor or smoothed out for a sleek sophisticated look with Molding Cream.